Craftsman Construction Services LLC would like to announce an exciting new promotion we are starting that could be of benefit to you and your family.

As you know, there are numerous advertising opportunities that we could use, but we have decided to focus on the importance of referrals from our existing customers.  It speaks volumes when someone such as you talks highly of our company and the work we performed.  I greatly appreciate these referrals, as it is vital for my continued business.  Therefore, we decided it would be wise to reward you with our new referral program for retail jobs only.

Now, when a new customer indicates your name as the referral source, we will send you a gift card. You will receive a pre-paid $200 Visa debit card to use at your leisure.  This referral gift is for any complete roofing, siding, window replacement, or new deck construction. Gift cards will be sent out at the completion of the project.

As you can see, the value of these certificates could add up fast!  Typically, neighbors, friends, relatives, and co-workers are common referral prospects.

While this program can be of great value, more importantly, it will allow us to express our appreciation for your continued business and referrals, offer excludes insurance work.



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