Storm Recovery

Craftsman Construction Services LLC are experts in storm damage

restoration. Having worked with hundreds of claims we are highly

experienced at the entire insurance process. We work dilegently with the

insurance companies, so you don't have to. We handle all the paperwork,

and in most cases the only expense to you, the homeowner, is your



Step One:

We will inspect your property, looking for damage caused from the storm.

Once we have established a damage report, we will recommend for you to

contact your insurance agent to have an adjuster come out to assess the


Your insurance carrier will send out a field adjuster to assess the

damage, approve payment, and answer coverage questions. At this time it is

best to have us present to give our expert contractor opinion and to

discuss the costs necessary for repair. Damaged items are often overlooked

by the insurance adjusters and we are there on your behalf to make sure

you will receive full compensation for your damages.


Step 2:

Once the claim is filed, you will receive the paperwork in the mail

usually within 7 business days. We will request a copy of the adjuster’s

scope of damage report to ensure he did not miss any of the agreed upon

items from our initial meeting. If the numbers do not match and we find

that the adjuster’s estimate is not enough to cover your home restoration

costs, we will submit a supplement. If the numbers do match, we will move

on to the next step.


Step 3:

Pick out materials and commence work


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